The fast response company

Manpower shortagesare making it harder to complete building works on time while ensuring quality. O1 Standard has  therefore set up its own mobile team, which can respond quickly to requests from tenants and owners of business centres for minor construction and repair jobs.

There are actually two mobile teams, each with three skilled workmen working in shifts. They serve all sites where O1 Standard acts as the management company and carry out relatively small and simple tasks: minor construction work, plastering, painting, etc.

When a tenant submits a request, O1 Standard assesses the scale of work required. If it is relatively small (a coat of paint on an office wall, carpet laying, etc.) the management company offers the services of the mobile team, which will save money and time for the tenant compared with the services of a third-party contractor. If the amount of work required is larger (redecorating one or two rooms in the office, etc.), the company recommends qualified contractors that it knows and trusts, offering the tenant several options to choose from. The tenant decides which contractor to use and can opt to make a contract for the work either through the management company or directly with the contractor.

The work schedule for our mobile teams is organized in a particular way. Each business centre makes a list of works for the coming quarter; the head of the mobile team visits the centre, estimates the amount of work and materials that will be needed, and a quarterly work plan is drawn up. So the head office of the management company always know where the mobile team is being deployed.

If a tenant request is received from a business centre where a team is already working on that day, the job can sometimes be done much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. If the team cannot meet the request due to other commitments, O1 Standard will pass the work to a trusted contractor after agreeing the price with the tenant. 

Most (90%) of work time of the mobile team is spent on pre-agreed general tasks. The remaining 10% is spent on quick response to small-scale requests from tenants (O1 Standard targets a 15-minute response time). The tenant itself decides whether to hire a contractor or to contact the management company and request a visit by the mobile team. If you need to paint one wall in the office it is worth calling the mobile team, which will buy the paint and do the job quickly. If the whole office needs redecorating, it is best to contact a specialized contractor.