Фабрика Станиславского
Фабрика Станиславского

Stanislavsky Factory

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Stanislavsky Factory is the outstanding example of the smart renovation of the former industrial site. Founded in 1814, the factory manufactured gold and silver thread. It was owned until the 1917 Revolution by the family of the theatre director, Konstantin Stanislavsky, who premièred Chekhov’s plays and was the inventor of method acting. 

In 2005 the factory was redeveloped, preserving its original appearance and creating a large-scale, mixed-used complex of unique character and style. Stanislavsky Factory includes office buildings, an apartment complex, a theatre, a boutique hotel, a restaurant and a landscaped courtyard with parking. Modern decor, panoramic views, five-metre-high ceilings, advanced engineering and technical systems create a multifunctional space that is both impressive and user-friendly.

Main tenants:

Walt Disney, NOKIA, European Media Group, Red Bull, TBWA.


Royal Institute of British Architects Award 2011, Civic Trust Awards 2012.


Canteen, PRIME café, Gourmet Lounge café, theatre, Cup’nCup.

Web-site: http://www.stanislavskiy.o1properties.ru/

Address: 21 Stanislavskogo Str.

GBA: 41 086 sq.m.

NRA: 34 568 sq.m.

Parking: 341 parking spaces