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O1 Standard began work as an operator and manager of real estate in 2019. Its core staff came from O1 Properties, where they had been responsible for management of the O1 Properties portfolio of premium office real estate. Today, O1 Standard is a strategic partner of O1 Properties in the management and maintenance of business centres. The company also offers its services to other owners of office property.

We have designed our own property management standards based on the experience of our team, gained in previous employment at international office and hotel companies. Our touchstones are high-quality operation and a comfortable atmosphere, achieved through a commitment to environmental efficiency, stylish design and the best service standards. We encourage and act on feedback from all tenants and residents in order to further improve our performance.

We see the operation and management process through the eyes of the owner, and this has helped us to design a new culture of office and residential property management in Russia, based on the care of a professional team about the comfort and well-being of tenants and residents, who spend much of their time in our buildings, combined with understanding of the needs and aspirations of property owners.

Площадь объектов под управлением (GBA) более

1000000 кв.м.

Количество объектов под управлением


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