O1 Standard is Management Company of the Year at CRE Moscow Awards 2021.

O1 Standard was named Russia’s Best Property Management Company of 2021 at the prestigious Commercial Real Estate Awards 2021 (CRE Awards). The award ceremony was held in Moscow on April 22.

O1 Standard currently manages 15 sites with total space of ​​815,000 square metres, including such Moscow landmarks as the White Square, Aurora, Vivaldi Plaza, Stanislavsky Factory and Ducat Place III business centres and Space 1 flexible offices. The SkyLight business centre was added to the O1 Standard management portfolio in 2020.

The Company ensured continuous operation of all its facilities during the COVID crisis period of spring-summer 2020, taking measures to ensure safety of tenants and their offices. The safety measures were accompanied by open and intensive dialogue with tenants who returned employees to their offices in the summer of 2020.

Also in 2020 the company introduced quarterly surveys to improve its understanding of tenant needs and successfully implemented new skills borrowed from the hospitality industry in order to raise levels of tenant satisfaction and quality of services provided.

O1 Standard works hard to involve its tenants in environmental initiatives and encourages steps to improve the environmental performance of offices. This contributes to a healthy and productive atmosphere in buildings and to the well-being of the people who work there. Twelve sites in the O1 Standard portfolio have already received BREEAM international environmental certification. Starting from 2021, the Company will offer a new in-house service for environmental certification to the BREEAM and FitWell international standards. Dmitry Sveshnikov, Managing Director of O1 Standard, said: “I thank the jury for its endorsement. For a company that entered the market in 2019 to receive such a prestigious award after a year and a half of work is a considerable achievement, particularly after the ‘pandemic year’ that we have just lived through. Congratulations to my team! Thank you for your work and for your readiness to evolve, address non-standard tasks, build processes and find the best way of communicating with people.”