Over 4.2 tons of used equipment is collected at O1 Standard facilities

From October 17 to November 2, the Electric Autumn environmental campaign was held on the premises of business centers under O1 Standard management.

O1 Properties investment company, the largest owner of class A office real estate in Moscow  and O1 Standard’s strategic partner, held the Electric Autumn campaign with the Collector (Sobirator) environmental charity project. Used equipment collection campaign yielded over 4,272.2 kg of equipment that was subsequently sent for processing to the partner companies of the Collector environmental project.

For the tenants’ convenience, management companies set up collection points on the premises, where employees of business center tenants brought unneeded equipment. Office equipment, gadgets, plastic cards, CDs, pens, felt-tip pens and other large and small household appliances were accepted for processing.

The environmental effect of Electric Autumn was calculated as per campaign results, with regard to energy and water costs of the collected equipment processing. Reusing the salvaged recycled materials will save an amount of energy required to light 5,981 homes and an amount of water equivalent to 3.3 Olympic swimming pools.

Detailed information about the campaign results for each business center can be found here.