Vivaldi Plaza obtains “Very Good” BREEAM rating

The Vivaldi Plaza business centre, owned and operated by O1 Properties, secured BREEAM certification (BREEAM In-Use category) with a “Very Good” rating. The certification consultant was CBRE.

Earlier in 2013, the business centre was certified under the BREEAM New Construction system and received a “Good” rating.

Vivaldi Plaza received highest scores in the categories: Waste (separate waste collection), Health and Wellbeing, Transport, and Land Use & Ecology.

The Vivaldi Plaza business centre is located in one of Moscow’s business commercial districts adjacent to Paveletskaya metro and train station. All four buildings of the Vivaldi Plaza overlook a large internal space with landscaping and infrastructure. The courtyard is open to local people as well as to tenants. Panoramic glazing and a spacious interior provide maximize natural light. Blinds are used to ensure visual comfort. The complex uses modern equipment with automatic temperature control, ventilation, heating, and hot and cold water supply systems. Measures are in place for heat retention and the prevention of heat leakage.

Steps taken to improve environmental performance during BREEAM certification include separate waste collection, installation of energy-efficient lighting, and an energy saving policy. Air conditioning equipment is cleaned regularly in order to improve air quality and reduce risk of illness. Environment-friendly detergents are used for cleaning of common areas. Treatment units for run-off water from parking lots and grease traps have been installed.

iCUBE business centre obtains BREEAM certification

The iCUBE business centre, owned and operated by O1 Properties, one of the largest owners of class-A office real estate in Moscow, has been certified under the BREEAM environmental performance system (“BREEAM In-Use” category). The certification consultant was CBRE.

iCUBE obtained highest scores for the following assessment criteria: “waste” (separate waste collection), “health and wellbeing”, “transport” and “energy” (efficient use of electricity).

The class-A iCUBE business centre is located in the south-west of Moscow at the intersection of Leninsky Prospect and Nakhimovsky Prospect, which ensures optimal transport and pedestrian access. The 11-storey building has a two-tier underground car park and features an original futuristic architectural concept. Panoramic glazing gives maximum amounts of natural light, contributing to the health and wellbeing of people who work at the centre. Shared-use areas are decorated using natural materials and the territory around the building has been landscaped and planted.
More work was done to improve the environmental performance of iCube in the course of BREEAM certification, including the launch of separate waste collection, installation of sound-absorbing screens around engineering systems and introduction of energy-saving practices. Air conditioning installations are cleaned regularly in order to improve air quality and reduce the risk of disease. A green zone on the roof improves sound insulation of the building and reduces its “heat-island” effect. There are plans to place birdboxes on the landscaped grounds around the centre and to expand the range of plant species, which grow there.

Natalia Kornilova, Operations Director of O1 Standard, said: “iCUBE is the second site of O1 Properties outside Moscow’s central business district to be certified to BREEAM environmental standards. The building is located in a residential area, so we paid special attention to the comfort of local residents, focusing particularly on acoustic and visual comfort (noise absorption and green roofing).”

Pavel Yakimchuk, Project Management Director at CBRE, said: “It is very significant that the largest companies are paying ever more attention to the environment and employee health. The iCUBE business centre is a high-quality project, implemented using modern design and construction technologies. Efficiency of the technologies used to design the building made it possible to minimize additional costs, which were required in order to obtain a high BREEAM rating during certification.”

O1 Properties is working towards full certification of its building portfolio to BREEAM environmental standards as part of the Company’s sustainable development strategy. In managing its business centres, O1 Properties implements technologies and practices that reduce consumption of natural resources and minimize negative impact on the environment.

O1 Standard expands portfolio of assets under management

O1 Standard property & facility management company has expanded its portfolio of assets under management. Since September 1, 2019, the company has taken responsibility for the Vivaldi Plaza and Gamma business centres, bringing total floor spacer under management to 217,000 square metres.

O1 Standard began provision of property & facility management services earlier in 2019. The first facilities managed by the company were the White Square and iCUBE business centres.

The class-A Vivaldi Plaza business centre is part of a major new business cluster around Paveletskaya metro and train stations in south-central Moscow. The centre consists of four office buildings around a green landscaped outdoor territory. The centre is certified is certified to BREEAM environmental standards.

The class B + Gamma business centre is located in  walking distance of Tulskaya metro station in south-central Moscow and consists of three low-rise buildings with a landscaped territory.

O1 Standard implements and complies with environmental performance standards in its operation and management work. The company is committed to certification of the entire portfolio of O1 Properties business centres to the international BREEAM environmental performance system. Measures are taken to improve energy efficiency, technologies are introduced to save water consumption, and landscaped recreational areas are maintained to support biodiversity. Work is now underway to transfer all facilities to separate waste collection, in order to reduce volumes of non-recyclable waste.