Managing Director of O1 Standard figures in CRE 100 rating

Dmitry Sveshnikov, Managing Director of O1 Standard, figures in the Property Management section of the most recent CRE 100 rating, which picks out the most influential people in Russia’s commercial real estate business, .

The editors of CRE, Russia’s leading new and analysis portal for real estate professionals, noted that size of the property portfolio under O1 Standard’s management has grown to over 1 million square metres under Dmitry’s leadership, including a recent contract to manage the Skylight business centre and 38 new client agreements.

CRE also cited new directions in work by O1 Standard: consulting at the pre-operation stage, environmental certification and technical audit of facilities. The Company has also worked hard to develop its customer service, resulting in improved tenant satisfaction compared with 2019. Two more properties managed by O1 Standard have successfully passed BREEAM certification, increasing to 12 the number of BREEAM-certified properties in the O1 Standard portfolio.

CRE 100 evaluates the achievements of senior managers in the Russian commercial real estate market. Rating experts draw up a long list of managers who they consider to be most influential on the market, after which CRE editorial staff review the work of each candidate during the reporting period in order to compile the final rating.