O1 Standard moved to Silver City BC

For over 3 years, the central office of O1 Standard was located in the Gamma Business Center. On the eve of the company’s fourth anniversary, the head office employees moved to a new space at the intersection of Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya and Sadovoe Koltso.

The new office is an open-space with a total area of 750 sq. m. “Such an office format allows to speed up communications between units and set up project work processes within the company more effectively”, says Artem Ryabukhin, head of the project office.

“The new space represents a different level of office, order of magnitude greater. Employees come here with great pleasure, feeling connected to the truly best property management company on the market. In the new office, we have several meeting rooms, which makes it more convenient to hold business meetings, including candidates for available vacancies”, comments Anna Romantsova, HR Director at O1 Standard.

The Silver City business center is located at 29 Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya and is a complex of two 7- and 9-story towers. Its unique modern architecture makes it one of the most attractive office complexes in the central district of Moscow.  Upon entering the business center, guests find themselves in a spacious, well-lit atrium with a water wall and a panoramic roof.