Managing Director of O1 Standard takes part in CRE Mid-Year Results Conference

On July 22, Moscow hosted the Mid-Year Results 2021 conference, which was attended by consultants and leaders of the Russian commercial real estate market. Speakers reviewed results in the first half of 2021 and shared their vision of how the market is likely to develop in the future.

In his speech Dmitry Sveshnikov, Managing Director of O1 Standard, told the conference about recent trends in the property management business, the changing role of management companies, and the importance of good communication with tenants in order to win their trust for anti-COVID measures and the safe return of staff to offices. Dmitry noted growing interest in environmental certification of buildings and offices, which helps to create a comfortable and healthy space for users. To date 12 of the business centres served by O1 Standard have been certified to the BREEAM international environmental standard.

Dmitry also emphasized the importance of IT technologies both for managing and operating buildings, and in order to expand the list of services to tenants.