O1 Standard Selected to Manage Museum of Russian Impressionism.

O1 Standard was selected to manage the Museum of Russian Impressionism in central Moscow. O1 Standard began providing services at the Museum on December 1, 2021.

The Museum of Russian Impressionism is located in the old flour and sugar storehouse at the former Bolshevik confectionery factory, a historical landmark that was  converted into a high-class cultural and business complex in the 2000s. The complex has sophisticated engineering systems that provide ideal conditions for storing and exhibiting paintings. Temperature and humidity in the three exhibition halls (over 1000 square metres in total) must be maintained at specific levels, and O1 Standard will also be responsible for operation of multimedia and interactive installations. The Museum building is accessible to visitors with various disabilities.

Dmitry Sveshnikov, the Managing Director of O1 Standard, said: “We thank the directors of the Museum of Russian Impressionism for their confidence in us. In our work at cultural sites, we not only provide top-quality maintenance services, but also do all we can for the comfort and enjoyment of visitors.”

O1 Standard Selected to Manage Iskra-Park Business Centre

Hals-Development Group of Companies appointed O1 Standard as the new manager of the Iskra-Park business centre, which is part of the the multi-function complex of the same name. O1 Standard began providing technical service, maintenance and management of amenities at the business centre on December 1, 2021.

Iskra-Park is a 70,000 sq. m. class-A business development located on Leningradsky Prospekt, one of the most popular business districts in Moscow, in walking distance of Dynamo metro station and Petrovsky Park. Main tenants at the business centre are Hals-Development Group, OZON online marketplace, Klyuch (flexible office provider), Rostelecom-Data Processing Centers and VTB Bank. Iskra-Park has numerous amenities, including cafes and restaurants, as well as a cigar club, shops, a beauty salon and a fitness club.

Iskra-Park is certified to the international BREEAM environmental performance standard for buildings. The complex is equipped with air recuperation and dry-coolers, technologies to reduce resource consumption and floor-by-floor metering of cold air, water and energy supply. Chargers for electric vehicles have been installed in the parking lot.

Dmitry Sveshnikov, Managing Director of O1 Standard, said: “We thank Hals-Development group of companies for their confidence. Our priorities are smooth and high-quality operation of the facilities that we manage, and creation of a comfortable working atmosphere for the staff of tenant companies.”