O1 Standard describes new sustainable management priorities as tenants prepare for a return to work

Natalia Skachkova, Commercial Director of O1 Standard Management Company, spoke at the on-line conference “Sustainable management of facilities in a post-pandemic environment”, organized by Russia’s Green Office Club and Laboratory.

Natalia described how O1 Standard uses green guidelines to manage and operate office real estate and why the demand for environmentally efficient buildings and high-quality management will increase post-COVID-19.

Environmental performance standards in office real estate are not limited to engineering technologies that reduce natural resource consumption. They also depend on skilful property management, which includes regular prophylaxis and disinfection of main engineering systems. Studies show that buildings where environmental standards are observed ensure more comfortable and (importantly today) more healthy working conditions. The COVID-19 experience has focused attention of building tenants on issues of illness prevention, particularly by good maintenance of air exchange systems.

Today, as companies prepare strategies for the safe return of employees to offices, the challenge for management companies is to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment. O1 Standard has introduced mandatory thermometry procedures for all employees and visitors to its business centres, installed sanitizers throughout buildings, laid out markings to maintain social distancing, and required the wearing of masks. Daily disinfections are carried out and intensive-use surfaces (door handles, lift buttons, turnstiles, etc.) are disinfected twice per hour. Additional measures are being prepared to ensure safe infrastructure management, including a procedure for contactless courier deliveries.

Preparing business centres for the return of tenants

O1 Standard management company has carried out work to prepare for the return of tenants to their offices at business centres.

Thorough disinfection of common areas at all business centres under management was carried out during the May holidays, including air conditioning systems. Daily disinfection of common areas will be continued, and surfaces such as pens, elevator buttons, electronic card readers, etc., will be disinfected twice per hour.

Markings have been installed in common areas and elevators in order to maintain social distancing. The previously introduced thermometry procedure for all visitors is still in effect at all sites. Constant availability of sanitizers in common areas is monitored and new sanitizers are provided as necessary.

Wearing of masks is mandatory inside buildings, in accordance with the order of the Mayor of Moscow.

A mechanism for contactless delivery of correspondence by courier services is in preparation.

Work to prepare for the summer season has continued as usual, despite the exceptional circumstances. Seasonal landscaping has been completed at the grounds of O1 business centres. This includes planting, pruning and treatment of trees to resist pests, weeding, etc. Lawns have been tidied and mowed, and spring displays for indoor and outdoor flowerbeds have been designed and put in place. Masonry borders have been painted and parking marks have been refreshed. O1 Standard management company has cleaned building facades and glazing. Outdoor paving stones have been washed and floors of lobby areas and elevators have been polished.